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The effects of captivity on the cathemeral activity budgets of ring-tailed lemurs (L. catta) at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. (IAP).

Summary: This project was used to discern whether ring-tailed lemurs retained their activity patterns in captivity. Two ring-tailed lemurs (L. catta) were observed at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo for evidence of cathemeral behavior and to calculate their activity budgets during zoo admission hours. Due to limitations in sample size, conclusive statements could not be made. However, it was found that the lemurs displayed activity in short bursts over the course of the zoo day, usually 4-5 minutes long, interspersed by inactive periods. The lemurs spent slightly more time displaying inactive (51%) than active (49%) behaviors. This contrasts with lemurs in the wild who spend up to 80% of their time locomoting or feeding/foraging, and are primarily diurnal. The findings in this research could have been caused by several factors (age, physical condition, and size of sample, less need for foraging in captivity, etc.). Further study is needed to determine whether this shift in activity pattern has positive or negative indications for the wellbeing of the lemurs, and what changes, if any, need to be made. Studies such as this fit into my MP as they look at the general state of a species and extrapolate on how the wellbeing of the animal is being affected in captivity. It is important that these captive animals are kept healthy and stimulated, as the information received from the studies of healthy animals can have great impact on conservation efforts out on the field. A study such as this, using inquiry, can help to manage captive breeding and habilitation/release programs, and even in situ conservation efforts.



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