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When was the format invented?
Records was first invented by Tomas Edison in 1877 but due to many factors it only became popular in the 1940s, and the actual Vinyl records was developed by Columbia Records in 1948.

How sound is captured and played back?
First you make a master recording then using a record cutting machine which uses a needle/or stylus to etch a grove into a lacquer (which would be spinning) then once all the groves had been etched in then the lacquer would be coated in a metal, like sliver for example, which makes a metal master then the metal master is separated from the lacquer, it makes a disc that has ridges instead of groves, the metal master is then used to Create a metal record which is then used to make a stamper, which are just negative versions of the original recording which will be used to make actual vinyl records. Then the stamper is put in a hydraulic press and vinyl is squashed between, and from that process the positive of the recording is imprinted into the vinyl. But since Its soft, cold water is used to make it harder. Then once it’s no longer soft it’s able to be played with the correct machine.
Play back work by having a machine running a needle like stylus running across a spinning vinyl record, and the needle reds the groves and plays back the audio on the vinyl

Did it effect other formats?
Due to it being so commercially available it meant that it quickly overtook any other kind of formats that we around before it was invented, the only thing that could do the same things as vinyl was wax cylinders, but wax cylinders had a lot of problems such as, the where not really available, they were expensive, and they where easier to damage

How did impact consumers?
Since it was technically the first way the average person had access to music without having to see it performed live.
and It was of a goodish quality for the time

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