jun 27, 1941 - Paula's Story


In late June 1941, Paula was playing in her backyard when German war planes suddenly appeared in the sky and began bombing Novogrudek. Paula stood in her yard unaware that the war planes were attacking their yard. Bullets were being fired close to Paula, but her mother yanked her into the house before anything could happen. The Nazis demanded that the Jewish council has to supply them with some Jews so that they could work. They lined up 52 Jews and killed them right in front of everyone. Then the Nazis ordered the women to clean up the blood on the streets. Paula was always scared because she didn't know why Jews were being tormented. One of Paula's dads friends told him that the Nazis were rounding up Jews. Wolf took the family in the middle of the night to a peasants home, where they stayed there for several days. While the Koladickis were hiding, a selektion happened and the Nazis killed 4,000 people. The Koladickis returned to their home, where they managed to stay during the next four months. On April 1942 German officers came to the families door and ordered the to report to the ghetto the following morning. They could only take what they could carry. Paula's most prized possession was her doll. Paula thought that if she listened to the Nazis then maybe she would be able to sleep in her own bed again. The Nazis started hunting youngsters and executing them. Wolf had been sneaking out of the ghetto for months because he was part of the Bielski partisans. Wolf got notice about a Nazi roundup, he decided that him and his kids will escape the ghetto. Sarah stayed behind with her mother. They walked and then set up a camp, then they returned to the ghetto a few days later. Once another Nazi roundup happened he would bring the kids to the Dvorets ghetto and then back to the Pereshike ghetto. Living in the ghetto was getting harder every minute for people. The Bielski partisans had been trying to harass the Nazis. Wolf left the ghetto for several months, with no communication to his family. Then one day the Nazis took Paula's mother, Sarah. Paula wanted to see her mom again but she knew that once you were taken from the Nazis, you wouldn't' be seen again. One night Paula and Isaac were awaken by a man saying that their dad was alive and they should get dressed and follow him downstairs. Paula and Isaac met a farmer and the farmer put them into his wagon. The farmer put them inside of a drained barrel, and he rode along a path into the countryside. Paula and Isaac were taken to the hayloft of a barn and they were fed. Isaac, Paula, and their cousin, Dahke rode in a wagon all day without being stopped by the Nazis. The wagon arrived at a farmhouse and Wolf came running towards the kids with tears in his face. Wolf took the children on a horse drawn wagon to a forest, where they would rest. Wolf then told the children that the Naliboki forest was their new home. After that, Paula no longer saw barbed wire fences, German soldiers, or guard dogs ever again.

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jun 27, 1941
~ 77 years ago
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