jul 3, 1941 - Rachel's story


Rachel was trapped inside of a two and a half foot wall with her brother, Shlomo, mother, Rachel was trapped inside of a two and a half foot wall with her brother, Shlomo, mother, grandmother, and two other children. her story started on July 3, 1941 when German soldiers marched into Dokszyce, and they demolished Jewish buildings, and they destroyed Jewish tombstones in the cemetery. The Nazis took 8 Jews and marched them to the cemetery and made them dig their own graves, and then they shot them. Rachel and her family were forced to wear yellow badges on their clothes to identify them as Jews. Rachel didn't venture far from her home because kids would push her when they would see her on the streets. In November the Germans sectioned off part of Dokszyce to turn it into a ghetto. The Mutterperl's were lucky that they didn't have to move because their house was already inside of the ghetto. Rachel, Shlomo, and Dina had to share a bed, because every room was so crowded. One night the Jews grabbed 65 Jews while they were sleeping, and they brought them to a sand pit near the ghetto and they shot them into the sand pit. The next couple of days, the Germans kept coming into the homes and they arrested them and made teenagers deepen the sand pit so that they could shot them too. When Rachel heard this news she hid her family inside of a falses wall that her grandfather had built years earlier. The Nazis pounded on the door, so Rachel, Shlomo, and Dina fled to hid inside of the false wall. When they first entered the little room Dina said "Be quiet, sit down, and don't move. Were going to be here awhile." They remained in the wall for four days. Dina stocked the hiding place with bread, water, and dried fruit. DIna decided that they could leave the hiding spot, so they left. When they left they heard voices once they left their hiding spot so they had to go back into hiding. The Mutterperls house had been swept of anything of value. Dina decided that they needed to leave the ghetto. Once they left, they ran to a farmhouse of a family friend. Rachel's brother Shlomo got shot and killed by the Nazis. Rachel went on the run, and kept hiding inside of random peoples houses. Dina and Rachel wanted to join the partisans. A military truck came up to Dina and Rachel and asked them if they wanted a ride, not knowing that they were Jewish. Dina and Rachel got accepted into the partisans, and if you are a partisans you have to always be on the move, so they were always moving from woods to other places. The Germans didn't like the partisans, so Dina and Rachel were always scared. Rachel contracted typhus and had to go to the infirmary. Rachel had to get up and hike in the forest with her mother, but during the hike Rachel lost her mother. Rachel felt hopeless so she revealed herself to the Germans, and they started to fire at her. But her mother started to yell "It's mama. It's mama!" So Rachel ran back to her mom, uninjured. Dina and Rachel fled their homeland because they weren't safe anymore. Once they crossed the Italian border they saw the start of david and that brought hope back to them. Then Rachel smiled to her mother and said "i feel safe now."

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jul 3, 1941
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