oct 27, 1941 - Chuna's story


Chuna was 16 years old and he was with his sister Faiga in a slave labor camp. He was the youngest in his family and had 6 sisters and 2 brothers. Chuna was 11 years old when the Germans came to his town. Chuna and his family fled their town and went to a farm of a family friend. Later, Chuna and his family moved into a ghetto that the Germans had built. Chuna got separated from his mother, 2 sisters, and their children. Chuna then was sent to a slave labor camp, known as Julag 1. He didn't eat much and all the guards were cruel. Two of his sisters died of typhus and now he only has 1 sister left. Chuna and Faiga were going to try to escape. Chuna and his sister were working with a man named Jakob, and he was going to help him escape. The plan was to go through a hole in the fence and run. Someone who was working in the sewing factory stole scissors so that they could cut a hole it the barbed wire fence. The escapee in front of Chuna and Faiga rattled the fence and the guard lights turned on. Chuna got shot in the head by a guard and he couldn't find his sister. The guard thought that he had killed Chuna, but the bullet grazed past his skull. Chuna found his cousin Ita and she helped him clean up his wound. Faiga and Jakob had not escaped. They both had gotten shot, but Chuna didn't know that. The next morning the officers do role call to see who escaped. The guards were killing some of the prisoners that were still alive laying in the grass. A guard spotted Jakob and killed him, and that made Chuna really mad. When Jakob fell he reveled a woman's body that he was trying to protect. It was CHyna's sister, Faiga, and she was laying dead on the fence. Chuna was mad and sad, but he knew he had to remain strong. After that Chuna kept getting moved to different camps. He started a death march towards the Dachau concentration camp. He walked for several weeks and one day a group of men saw a military truck coming towards them. They noticed the guards had left the prisoners alone and the army tank turned out to be the US army, and they announced to the prisoners that they were free.

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Survivors of the Holocaust


oct 27, 1941
~ 77 years ago
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