jan 13, 1811 - Scottish noble establishes agricultural establishment.


Lord Selkirk, a Scottish noble and a shareholder in Hudson’s
Bay Company, wanted to establish an agricultural settlement for farmers
who were losing their land
in Scotland. Hudson’s Bay
Company gave him a large
land grant in Rupert’s Land
to create the Red River
Settlement. The Saulteaux
were allies of Hudson’s Bay
Company. Saulteaux Chief
Peguis signed a treaty with
Selkirk that would allow
settlers on their land. The
Saulteaux even helped
the settlers survive the
difficult winter of 1812.Hudson’s Bay Company and the North West Company were in competition
for years. This competition intensified as both companies moved west in
search of new trading routes. Selkirk’s settlement also increased conflict in
the area. He hoped that the settlement would help Hudson’s Bay Company
traders by providing them with food from the agricultural settlement.
However, the settlement was located in the Red River area used by the
North West Company for its pemmican supply and trading route. Because
of this, the North West Company opposed the Red River Settlement. They
worried that the buffalo hunt would be disrupted by the settlement and
cut off their essential food supply. The Métis feared the settlement would
disrupt their close ties with their trading partner. The Scottish settlers were
in the middle of a dangerous conflict between the two largest fur trading
companies. Interactions between the rival traders started to become more
violent. Forts for each company were burned down, Selkirk’s settlements
were attacked, and skirmishes between the traders were common.

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jan 13, 1811
~ 208 years ago
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