jan 1, 2520 BC - Great Pyramids of Giza


Include 3 pyramids for 3 rulers. Around them, there are smaller pyramids for the queens and many smaller tombs or mastabas, (flat roofed sloping structures) where prominent members of the court were buried, it was a great honor. Pyramids were modeled after rays of the suns and as ramps for the pharaohs to climb into the sky, also modeled after ben-ben stone, a stone linked to people’s initial creation. Needed lots of manpower and it is speculated that they used many peasants who were led by artisans.
Pyramidions are the capstones of pyramids.
You would find boat pits, pyramids, cemeteries, and causeways by the pyramids. Made out of limestone and found in Egypt. Pyramid of Khufu is the largest pyramid made by pharaoh Khufu. Pyramids use to have capstones which were shiny stuff. Many inner chambers and air shafts, mysterious. Often contained boat models to help bring kings into afterlife.
Pyramid of Khafre built by Khufu’s second son. Is slightly smaller than his fathers and still has it’s finish. Simple interior, next to it is valley temple which was also built by Khufu.
Sphinx was made for Khafre as his symbol. Made to combine the lion, a royal symbol, and symbol of the sun, and the head was small b/c the stone wasn’t strong enough. There is a temple next to it which was for it’s cult and had representations of the sun.
Pyramid of Menkaure is the smallest of the pyramids, has a more complex interior than Khafre, incomplete temples are in it.

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jan 1, 2520 BC
~ 4542 years ago


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