10h 8min, oct 1, 2017 y - The Las Vegas Shooting


This is the event that hits everybody in the world one of the worst ever Mass-Shootings ever to happen. Stephan Paddock the man that pulled this event was a very rich unstable guy that no one knew he would ever do this and even cause this event and or decided to randomly do this mass of just pre hell. It was country music event that had Jason Aldean at this event when the shooting started the shooter was at a 36th floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel where he great view and even greater shooting point to take out all honestly more than what he got but as a result he killed about 59 people and injured 546 people. This man he killed himself before police got into the room. It was later found that he had a escape plan to go shoot more Festivals and even more areas more the music festivals. This hit me hard just for the fact that he was crazy rich and used his money to do this it's ridiculous i would not waste my money on this one thing you would lose all our money too which would be pointless to be rich to just cause pain you can cause pain more ways than just money. This event also hit me hard because i heard story of all these people in the event just at no where he shooting and just people drop it's really upsetting to have this happen in this country.

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12 Dec 2017
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10h 8min, oct 1, 2017 y
~ 1 years and 2 months ago
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