8h 30min, dec 17, 2011 y - Kim Jong il dies


This year was big for events as this is the year Osama Bin laden died but that's for another time. This day was a terrible and great day for some and for others didn't even know what happened on this day. This is the day the leader of North Korea died and his son Kim Jong Un took over the power his father bestowed on him. He died by a massive Heart Attack during a train ride back to his home. As he died people always believed he looked to the sky and wished for a little bit more life to use to destroy America. This event hit me really hard because as i said before 911 after learning about it it made ,me choose to join the army but this also is a reason i use to protect are country. If he was thinking when he was dying that he wanted to live a little bit longer so he can try to kill all of us over a fight that they're being petty over it disgust me and i feel as if he deserved exactly what he got.

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12 Dec 2017
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8h 30min, dec 17, 2011 y
~ 6 years and 11 months ago
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