8h 40min, sep 11, 2001 y - The 9/11 Attacks


This one event to me caused a risky shay of life views, as i learned more about this one event so did i learn more about the fact on why they decided to do this and some people might say my views are darker to sense that they can't even be in my presence. What happened this day was when america changed forever, this date was the date that terrorists flew two planes in the world trade center. They killed over about 2,996 people and wounded over 6,000 people. The reason this event caused america to change forever is because it proved that we're not indestructible and that we can be hurt easily. This event also changed a lot of views over muslims and the way to actually get on a plane. When i found out about this one event it's one thing that pushed me to join the Army and to protect us so one of these never happens again this event allows me to show how much this hit me as an american and how this event hit a lot of the people in my family that where in the military during this time and the time the world trade center was attacked the first time in 1993.

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12 Dec 2017
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8h 40min, sep 11, 2001 y
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