nov 14, 2013 - The Decline and Fall of Being - written by Pablo Saborio


The self is a function of life.
Every aspect
of life as experienced
by so-called man
is within the realm
of nature, the universe,
totality. Nothing is
outside it,
belongs to something
other than itself.
Life is a manifestation (
for lack of a better
) of what nature
is doing.
My ego
is not independent
to the field
of nature, it does not
confront or exchange
with anything external.
All my memories, actions,
thoughts, insights,
responsibilities, etcetera,
do not belong to
They are all part
of that function
that life
is portraying
through a living organism.
The experience
of being-hood is a sort of modulation of life itself.
There is no center or
self that engages with life.
Rather life is engaged with nature.
In other words,
I’ve never experienced
One could say,
I am the illusion
of being a drop of water
inside a totality
that is itself all water.
The IT has been doing ITSELF.
Nothing belongs to me per se.
Even this instant,
these words, these attempts
to define what’s happening
are not me nor belonging to me,
but aspects of what life
or, sub specie aeternitatis,
what nature does.
Life is, a Spinozan could say,
a mode in nature. I’m inclined to say
there is no one
perceiving this, life itself
is busying itself with life-stuff,
nature-stuff, thought-stuff,
society-stuff, and so on.
There is no me
in all of this.
There is only a recurring
sensation that life – the
experiences that compose our definition of life –
belong to me.
But that sensation
is itself an impression like any other.
Can death be overcome?
Only a thought
that suggests that “I will die” exists,
but not the actual death of the self
– because there is no self.

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nov 14, 2013
~ 5 years and 2 months ago
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