jun 8, 1868 - first mit class graduates


1846 March 13 William B. Rogers in a letter to his brother outlines a "Plan for a Polytechnic School in Boston."
1859 March 30 A memorial is written by Dr. Samuel Kneeland petitioning the 1859 Massachusetts legislature for a grant of land for a Conservatory of Art and Science. Issued as House document no. 260, it is not approved.
1859 summer William B. Rogers on behalf of a committee representing various associations prepares a memorial for the 1860 Massachusetts legislature setting forth a plan for an Institute of Technology. It is issued as House document no. 13, but is not approved.
1860 summer William B. Rogers is asked again to prepare a plan, resulting in the document <title render="italic">Objects and Plan of an Institute of Technology</title>. Objects and Plan is accepted by the Committee of Associated Institutions, read at a meeting of the Boston Board of Trade, and submitted to the Massachusetts legislature.
1861 January 7 Circular letter announces a meeting for the purpose of organizing the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
1861 January 11 Per circular letter and led by William Barton Rogers, a meeting of persons interested in establishing an Institute of Technology is held in Boston. An "Act of Association" is adopted.
1861 March 19 Report of the Joint Standing Committee on Education of the Massachusetts legislature on the Memorial of the Associated Institutions is issued as House document 171. William B. Rogers prepared the report.
1861 April 10 The Massachusetts legislature passes and Governor John Andrew signs "An Act to Incorporate the Massachusetts Institute of Technology" (Acts 1861, chapter 183).
1861 April 12 Civil War begins.
1861 <title render="italic">An Account of the Proceedings Preliminary to the Organization of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology</title> is published.
1862 April 8 An initial meeting is held to accept the charter, adopt bylaws, and choose officers to serve until the Government of the Institute is formally elected.
1862 December 17 First public meeting of the Society of Arts, one of three branches of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology proposed in the charter
1864 May 30 <title render="italic">Scope and Plan of the School of Industrial Science of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology</title> is adopted by the Corporation as the foundation of the Institute's educational philosophy, and the document is published.
1862 May 6 The Government (later known as the Corporation) of MIT is formally elected at the first Annual Meeting of the 54 incorporators. William Barton Rogers is elected president.
1865 February 20 First course of instruction begins with fifteen students. Classes are held at the Mercantile Building, Summer Street, Boston.
1868 First class of students graduates.

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jun 8, 1868
~ 150 years ago
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