nov 21, 2004 - Nintendo Ds


Before it's was released, the Nintendo DS was marketed as a "third pillar" for Nintendo's current consoles at the time which consisted of the GameCube, Game Boy Advance SP and the DS its self. However, due to the DS' backwards compatibility capabilities and the consoles strong sales established the Nintendo DS as the successor of the Game Boy series. Essentially, the DS was an upgrade to the GBA SP with two new added buttons being "Y" and "X". However, the on of the major difference between the two is the new cartridge slot for a much more smaller storage medium, along with this slot there is also a slot for GBA games to be played, but original and color Game Boy games are not compatible. The second major difference is the second screen which is a touch screen. Along with a built-in microphone, and support for wireless connectivity. The most notable title releases for the console are New Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart DS and also and of course Pokémon game such as Diamond, pearl and platinum as well as the remakes of the very popular Game Boy Color Pokémon games SoulSilver and HeartGold (SSHG) which had an exclusive accessory called the Pokéwalker which is a Poké Ball shaped pedometer. This peripheral connected only to the Pokémon SSHG game cartridge via infrared signals. A Pokémon can be transfer to the Pokéwalker and every time the player takes a step the Pokémon gains and experience point and the player earns currency in the form of a "watt". The device comes with the respective games and allows player to catch Pokémon and obtain items on the device for transfer tot he actual game. Along with the Pokéwalker there was many first party accessories such as the Rumble Pak that made the console vibrate to reflect action in games that are compatible with the device, these actions could consist of bumping into obstacles or when the player loses a life. A few compatible games are Star Fox Command, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time and Metroid Prime Pinball, which was the game that the peripheral was bundled with but was also sold separately for people that didn't want to buy the pinball game. The Nintendo DS also had its own head set that wasn't a normal jack but a combination of a standard 3.5mm jack and a proprietary microphone connector. The headset was mono meaning it only covered and played sound in one ear more like a chat headset. The accessory was released alongside the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl games that featured and in game chat, the headset was sold separately and any other headset with a mic will work on the games not just the Nintendo one. The next accessory is a camera that is used in the game Face Training and is used so the player can see their own face whiles they play the game. The peripheral is only available in Japan and doesn't look like it will be released world wide. The Opera Web Browser allows the player to access the internet through their DS system using Opera, a cross-platform web browser. The browser took advantage of the consoles duel screens for a longer vertical view, for reading, or for zooming in on specific sections of a website. The accessories plugs into the main game slot and comes with a Memory Expansion Pak, which provided the console with more Ram (8MB) that is required for the system to run the browser. The Memory Expansion Pak comes wittt he Opera Web Browser as it is need to run the browser and was slotted into the GBA slot. There is also a Nintendo DS Digital TV Tuner which picks up TV signals and plays them on the Nintendo system, the accessory plugs in to the ds card slot and has two TV aerials. the top screen is for watching the TV and the bottom screen for changing channels. However, because the peripheral could only pick up 1seg broadcast signals it was only avalible in japan. The Slide Controller is a mouse like accessory for the Nintendo DS. By mouse like I mean it emits red light from a LED light located at the bottom of the controller to know which way the user is moving the console like an optical mouse. its used and bundled with the game Slide Adventure MAGKID. The accessory, like many of the consoles accessories, was only released in Japan and plugged into the GBA slot. A Wireless Keyboard accessory was provided with the game Learn with Pokémon: Typing Adventure and is used to teach kids how to type quickly and accurately. The final first party accessory for the DS is the Play-Yan which was a media player for the Nintendo DS and the Game Boy Advance SP and allowed the user to play MPED-4 video and MP3 music from secure digital memory cards (SD cards) it was released for the GBA SP but can be used with the DS for better quality video and audio. the accessory also has a 3.5 headphone jack input.

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nov 21, 2004
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