jan 1, 1850 - Power figure (Nkisi n’kondi)


Nkisi loosely means spirit in the Kongo peoples lingo, despite this they are represented as a container of sacred substances that is activated by supernatural forces being summoned to the real world. They can be as simple to pottery or vessels that contained medicinal herbs. They represent the ability to contain and release spiritual forces which bring positive and negative consequences to the community. This nkisi is carved as a human to emphasize it’s importance in human affairs. They are used to resolve disputes and to protect those who have had sorcery put unto them. They can be dogs or nkisi kozo and they are activated by the nganga. The Nkisi have glass in the middle of the chest to symbolize the land of the dead and the spirits looking through for evil. In the nkisi there are many elements: seeds;replicate, mpemba or white soil found near cemeteries; represent and enlist support from the spiritual realm, claws; incite the spirit to grasp something, rocks; protect from pelting or pelt. The nails come from the nganga, pegs represent a matter being settle and a deeply inserted nail represents a more serious thing like murder. Europeans came and destroyed them for being “bad”. They were made out of wood and metal by the Kongo peoples of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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jan 1, 1850
~ 169 years ago


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