jun 15, 2018 - Sustained Support for Informatics Resources for Cancer Research and Management (U24) Department of Health and Human Services


Purpose, Specific Research Objectives
This FOA invites applications to support the sustained operations of informatics technology resources for cancer researchers. The emphasis will be on sustaining resources that have had demonstrated impact on cancer research. Potential applicants are advised to consult with the Scientific/Research contact listed in Section VII for appropriateness of submission to this FOA.
The scope for this FOA U24 research resource is limited to support for informatics technology resources. Some general examples of informatics technologies that may be appropriate for this FOA include:
Resources in support of:
data processing and analysis
data quality assessment
data integration
data presentation and visualization
text mining and natural language processing
data compression, storage, organization, and transmission
Maintenance and evolution of data exchange formats, ontologies, common data elements
Patient-centric laboratory and clinical data coalescence
Computer-assisted interpretation of experimental results
Platform for research collaboration
Resources for performance evaluation of software tools, algorithms, and data collection methods
Examples of activities appropriate to the sustained operations of informatics technology resources in support of research include:
Community outreach and engagement
User help desk support, including mailing lists, forums, etc., as appropriate
Hosting tools in conjunction with relevant data sets and supporting collaborative/shared analysis
Interoperability with other established research resources
Data aggregation and integration
Implementing new resource functionality in support of evolving user needs
General maintenance, including bug fixing and technical upgrades of the underlying software and infrastructure
Improving the stability, security and/or performance (i.e., speed) of the informatics tools
Providing software installation support for locally-hosted instances
Data annotation, processing, and curation in support of improved data quality and utility
Support for open source development (i.e., accepting external contributions of source code

Added to timeline:

11 Sep 2017
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jun 15, 2018
~ 4 months 10 days ago
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