jul 17, 2019 - Health Information Technology (IT) to Improve Health Care Quality and Outcomes (R21)


Bring Research Evidence to Clinical Practice Apply research evidence by implementing and evaluating health IT solutions that (1) probe clinical and other health-related data sources to routinely identify the populations to whom the evidence pertains and (2) track health care system follow up on the application of the evidence to that population.
Develop and evaluate workflow tools that optimize implementation of evidence in a uniform way so that the evidence is rapidly and systematically applied to everyday practice at the point of care and so that health IT systems monitor the progress of moving evidence into practice.
Develop and evaluate innovative health IT solutions to quickly adapt evidence for clinical practice use so that patients receive appropriate, evidence-based care.
Develop a platform to share and analyze practice data in a way that makes knowledge learned from practice data actionable and shareable, including tailoring messages to decision makers.
Develop and evaluate a health IT solution that combines use of natural language processing (NLP) with a decision support tool in order to turn unstructured clinical data into knowledge and knowledge into practice.
Develop and evaluate workflow-friendly decision support systems to transform clinical and health-related data (i.e., clinical, claims, socio-demographic, registry, quality improvement, environmental, social determinants of health, patient generated health data) into actionable information, improving overall quality, efficiency, and safety.
Use Clinical Data to Improve Care Delivery and Support Shared Decision Making
Develop and evaluate data analytic tools that are designed to scale-up across health care settings to help healthcare providers generate new knowledge from their practice data.
Develop and evaluate health IT solutions that support providers and patients in shared decision making by using practice data about the patient population to inform application of evidence to support identification of appropriate treatment options given expected treatment outcomes and patient preferences.
Develop and evaluate scalable tools aligned with workflow that support providers and patients in the effective, uniform use of clinical data plus evidence for shared decision making.
Develop technical solutions that support health care providers in learning about the effectiveness of practice changes, including quality improvement interventions and new models of care delivery, as changes are implemented.
Develop health IT resources that facilitate sharing and use of multiple data sources to support treatment decisions, care coordination, and care integration across multiple providers and evaluate the use of novel health IT tools for patients with multiple chronic conditions and/or patients from diverse populations.

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11 Sep 2017
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jul 17, 2019
~ 7 months later
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