aug 12, 1940 - Battle of Britain Turned the Tides of War in Europe


The Battle of Britain was a bombing campaign on the British by the Germans in an attempt to gain air superiority over the British to support an invasion of Britain. It was the largest sustained bombing campaign to that date. Despite German bombers targeting air bases and other military establishments for months they failed to gain air superiority over the Royal Air Force. This was significant because it prevented Germany from invading Britain, the only real threat to Germany and really the only remaining obstacle for Hitler in order to conquer all of Europe and kill millions more Jews and those harboring them as well as opposition to Hitler. If Hitler had succeeded in gaining air superiority over the British, then the Germans would have moved on to the then neutral Russia with plenty of resources to spare. The German army would have had better equipment to deal with the Russian Winter, possibly meaning a successful invasion. This would have allowed the Germans to take over Russia, leaving most of the leading military powers in the world under Hitler's control along with the rest of Europe. As a consequence, America would have been left standing alone against essentially all of Europe and Japan.

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aug 12, 1940
~ 78 years ago
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