July 31, 2021

8h 38min, mar 1, 1943 y - Alternate timeline passage two


Willie, despite having a degree in Literature from Princeton, worked at cocktail lounge in a hotel, playing piano for minimum wage. Most of his money he just got from his parents. He was perfectly content, and so he did not see any reason to try and move up. It’s not as if this was his main source of income. Often his father would try to nonchalantly introduce the idea to his son that it was time he actually made something of himself. If willie wasn’t so oblivious it would be clear to him that his father was becoming disappointed in him and his decisions, and perhaps this would sway him. What was unknown to Willie was that his sick father was dying, spending his last months on Earth watching his privileged and gifted son waste his fortunes in a dimly-lit cocktail lounge in some second-rate hotel. Willie knew his father was sick, but was not aware of the gravity of the situation, and so he was able justify a three month-long trip on a yacht with some of his old friends from Princeton. Eventually his father passed away five weeks into the trip on a saturday while Willie was busy spending his mother’s money on alcohol, girls, food, and one very large and expensive boat.

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6 Nov 2017
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8h 38min, mar 1, 1943 y
~ 78 years ago
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