oct 1, 1926 - Trotsky's unpopularity in Politburo


- regarded as Lenin’s right-hand man.
- Head of the Red Army. Had their support as he led them to victory against the Whites in the civil war -- very powerful!
- the biggest threat to others in the Politburo, and made him very unpopular
- many weaknesses including:
1) criticism of Lenin’s New Economic Policy (NEP) and control over Politburo were seen as acts of disloyalty to Lenin and the Party.
2) Trotsky’s idea of a ‘permanent revolution’ – start revolutions all over the world—failed to convince fellow Party members -- supported Stalin’s idea of ‘Socialism in one country’—to strengthen the Soviet Union first before spreading revolution.
3) Trotsky’s poor health also meant he was too weak to organise his own supporters and he remained silent on Lenin’s criticism of Stalin.
4) unable to deal with party politics and other Party members excluded him from decision-making and undermined his position within the Party.

Trotsky denounced by Troika → forced to resign as People's Commissar of Army in 1925 → outvoted in Central Committee → ejected from party in 1927 → key rival removed → Stalin most powerful leader of Soviet Union

the year and month used represent him being fired from the politburo

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2 Nov 2017
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oct 1, 1926
~ 92 years ago
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