sep 5, 1717 - The Fall of New Providence


England signs a pirate suppressant proclamation. They say if a pirate agrees to surrender within a year, they will be pardoned from all crimes. The crimes they will be pardoned for have to occur between now and January 5, 1717, as it would usually take months for news to travel overseas. Those who refused would have a reward on their head for capture. This was because the state understands the desperation of the people, as well as not having the funds to hunt down every pirate. The proclamation divides the camp, with Hornigold and Jennings in favour and Blackbeard refusing. In March of 1717, England arrives and returns with a list of 209 pirates, and Woodes Rogers is appointed to approve in September. Woodes Rogers, a former buccaneer, traveled the entire world and is very well respected. The motto of the Bahamas includes him, and he wanted to turn the Bahamas into a profitable company. He established a slave trade there with the money from his book sales, and wanted to start a slave trade in New Providence, hitting two birds with one stone. He catches those that have not been pardoned and executes them with no uprising, and New Providence is over by 1718.

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sep 5, 1717
~ 301 years ago
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