apr 5, 1279 - The great war begins


The kingdom of valor has been a puppet nation by the empire after the new king took over 54 years ago after the events in the Ender Scrolls 6. The old king before this new one was in jail for his crimes. He killed the existing king of Valor and proclaimed himself as the king of valor once again after 54 years. Since his father was the one who separated from the empire in the first place, he hated the empire. The king of Valor started to become more independent from the empire starting year 1275. The goal for the empire was to annex valor back into the empire but the new king of valor didn't like that idea and hired assassins to kill the Valorian council members who disapprove of him or are in favor of being annexed. The Empire has put limitations against the king of valor 54 years ago but now the new king is trying to get his power back with encouraging speeches and a lot of money for assassins and bribing. the king tried to encourage the people that he can bring valor back to power again. He promised a better and bigger valor to rival the Empire of Wynn. He gained the military and sparked even more rebellions in Epris. He aided Eprisan Rebels and made diplomatic relations with the Golem court which held Teraphis and Orin. Called for advancements in military technology and tried to gain an upper hand in the seas by gaining the navy too. During this the Emperor was getting worried and many council members. The council members of Wynn wanted the emperor to do something about it or the gain the military a little more just in case but the Emperor insisted that he needed to be "diplomatic about it" and "gaining an army won't fix any of it" because it was quote "too barbaric." The people of Wynn were getting worried too. On April 2nd 1279 the Emperor of Wynn answered the pleas of the council members by training new soldiers and gaining the military, but it was too late because by April 5 the Kingdom of Valor attacked.

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apr 5, 1279
~ 740 years ago


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