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The king sent someone to kill somebody but they failed and returned to the castle. The kimg gave them one last chance to prove themselves. they were to kill the dwarven mine. There were monsters inside of the mine, and the hero had to rid the mine of any monsters. The hero was successful in doing the task, but the king passed away while they were gone. The new king was a wrathful one. The new king, King Ralph. Told the hero to do another task. To retrieve a relic from some ancient ruins. The hero went on his journey. On their way they met a warrior knight. The knight told the hero about the relic. It was an Ender Scroll. This particular Ender Scroll was written to empower someone or something. The hero went into the ruins to retrieve the Ender Scroll. The hero fought many enemies until he got to the Scroll. The hero approached the Scroll until a blast of darkness blew them back. A dark hooded figure took the Sroll and headed into the darkness. The hero headed back to the king. The king punished the hero by jailing them. The hero met a woman that was in jail named Olga the Viking. She helped the hero out of jail and they both fled to the Viking camp with the hero's friend Grian the wizard. The Vikings and the kingdom of Valor are at war now. The Vikings ask the hero to gather an ancient Viking relic. The hero embarks with Olga and Grian to find it. The hero gains it but Olga dies. Grian goes back to the camp while the hero talks to the knight about the relic. The knight tells the hero that it is an ancient axe used by the ancient warrior Vikings of old. This could cause the Vikings to win and defeat Valor or the kingdom would enjoy it and you might be a hero to them and be pardoned. The hero has two choices.
1. To return to the camp and give the Vikings the sword
2. To go to the kingdom and turn in the sword to the king and be pardoned

2: the hero goes to the kingdom and turns in the sword to the king. The king asks where the Viking camp is. The hero goes to the camp and destroys it. The king then orders the hero to search for the Ender Scroll. The hero then continues to search for the scroll until the kingdom gets under Seige by Grian the new Viking king. The Vikings successfully attack and the king leaves the hero at the kingdom while the king flees. Grian takes the hero prisoner. The rest of the valorian forces take back the castle and save the hero. The hero has to kill Grian. The king then tells the hero to destroy the rest of the Viking camps in the province. The hero destroys a few Viking camps until some camps were already destroyed. The hero also finds out that other cities are dying too. The hero then turns to the knight for answers. The knight tells the hero it might be death himself. The signs all lead to the resurrection of death. The knight tells the hero to stop death. To not die instantly the hero must find the 5 forges to forge the heroes armour to stand a chance. After the hero forged their weapons and armour they went to tell the king. When the hero got their they saw everyone was dead. The hero went to the throne room with the knight to see everyone dead. The hooded figure had a scythe to the king's chest. The figure talked. " hmm, another victim. " the hero then talks "I am here to defeat you demon!" The reaper then walks far word a little "you will try but fail. I got the scroll and I am more powerful than ever. I have no mercy anymore. Everyone will die! Thanks to this poor fool." The reaper turns to the king and back " I will kill nern and all of its inhabitants. The one who killed me before didn't give me mercy. So why should I. " the hero and the knight then fight death. The knight is slain but the hero kills the reaper again. All of the souls return to their hosts. The hero then proceeds to become king and imprisons the old king for trying to take over the world.

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