10h 10min, feb 24, 1156 y - THE ENDER SCROLLS IV Prophecy


Dragons are over populating All of Tamriel. There were dragons in tamriel before, mostly in Epris, but the dragons have become too many and killing people. A bounty Hunter in Epris has been called to take care of a dragon. The dragon, after he killed it, had its soul collected in the bounty hunter. He became a dovahkiin. A man in some mysterious robes came to him and said, "you are the Dovahkiin, come with me." He refused. The next night he waswalking home when he was attacked by bandits. They were going to rob him until the man in the robes chased them away. He told him that he was an elder and he could save the world. The dovahkiin came with the elder. The elder said that he needs to find the Ender Scroll and get rid of all these dragons. After many journeys he finally found the Ender Scroll. Suddenly a burst came through the cavern, A huge Black and green dragon broke through all the rock and took the Ender scroll, then proceeded to Breath fire on the Dovahkiin. "so you are the Dovahkiin." said the dragon. "The one to consume the soul of a dovah. The one to stop me. Ha Ha Ha. I guess the prophecy was wrong." "who are you?" said the hero. I am the undying Ender Dragon. I once used to protect the Ender scrolls from evil, but now I Protect this one from Humans like you. Humans. Humans are filled with greed, and blame anything else but themselves and the gods. They blame Beings like me and the elders. So wretched. Like you, you want to save your people but they don't deserve to be saved. The elders gave you Riches and you blamed them for your own wrong doing. After they were banished and killed off and outlawed they still give you humans a chance to live time after time and you humans still turn to your greed." "What do you mean?" "I'm talking about that idiot Elijah who was given a chance by an elder to be set free from his impisonment then turned on him and killed him to get a ender scroll then kill me and then become the lord of the end and take over the world! Many other instances too. I need to end the lives of the humans for revenge. No more forgiving." "An elder has me to retrieve the scroll, maybe you guys can talk it out?" "Those elders are too blinded. " how did you get back to life if you were killed by that elijah guy?" " Necromancers tried time after time to bring me back to life, but failed. One did succesfully bring me back to life to make me his slave, but he didn't last long. I called out to my interplanetary brethren to multiply. They did so. Now I need to watch as the human race falls." The Ender dragon took off. The hero then journeys the land and stops the Ender dragon

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The Ender scrolls timeline
The Minecraft map of "the Ender scrolls gates to the end" is...


10h 10min, feb 24, 1156 y
~ 863 years ago



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