2h 26min, nov 19, 1103 y - THE ENDER SCROLLS ELDER CRAFT


A boy Named Elijah, framed at a young age, is about to be executed in Orin. He steps up on the stool and puts a rope around his neck, But then! Some zombies Attack and interrupt the Execution. some man gives him a wooden sword and walks off. Elijah then thinks about running off but then gets an urge to save the towns people who were about to watch him die. He succeeds. One of the mayors advisers was at the Execution. He talked to Elijah and gives him a chance to live. he lets him talk to the mayor. The mayor proposes that Elijah will be let free if he defeats the Zombies. He accepts the offer for fear of his life. He liberates the land until he sets foot in a cave. At the end of the cave is an Elder. The Elder speaks of what is to happen. He told him that The Elders once were in the Lower heavens, and were banished by the gods. He told him the History of the Elders, that the Elders created the Ender scrolls to make life easier but the peoples blamed their misdoings on the elders. The Elders are outlawed by the Empire. The Elders go in hiding now, They live forever but can be killed by humans as a curse from the gods, as the gods want to please the humans and not their other creation the Elders. The Elders created the Elder scrolls in the realm of the End. He tells Elijah that he will use him to destroy the zombies across all of Tamriel. The Elder will craft him godly weapons to do this. His mission will to notice Elders as good and to make them free. Elijah excepts and continue his mission. Elijah then finds the source of the zombies and monsters. A wizard who wants to take over the world. He is soon defeated. Elijah finds out from a note from the wizards lair. The wizard has been seeking the Most powerful Ender scroll, to control All the Ender soldiers of the End. To obtain this scroll he needs to collect an Eye of Ender from the Two realms of Nirn and Oblivion. Elijah knowing the power of the ender scroll, learned from the elder, accept the challenge tricking the Elder to give him weapons. He finds the First Eye in Nirn, then makes an oblivion portal to obtain the second eye. He then gathers the second eye of ender and begins his way to the portal to the END. The Elder catches him trying this. He convinces him not to go for the scroll for it means danger for all. Elijah does not listen and kills the Elder. Elijah then begins his journey to the end to summon the Ender Dragon to obtain the Scroll. The Ender dragon was made to protect the most powerful scroll. The Dragon was defeated with the weapon created by the Elder. Elijah then says the words on the scroll in an ancient language. Then a strong breeze hits Elijah, All the Enderman look at Elijah and Teleport near him Staring with a Long Purple deadly stare. Elijah has become the Ender king. And part Enderman. The gods banished him in to oblivion. Elijah Was angry that he could not see the Ender people and suffered in Oblivion.

This has a long story as this was made purely by me and some ideas from the Ender scrolls gates to the end. Elijah eventually got out of Oblivion with the help of some Deadric princes after he got a following in Oblivion because he was so powerful. This story is all about greed and deception. sorry I could not give a better description of the other stories. But still I created this adventure map i'm releasing in the future. I'm working on it, and trust me it has a lot of details and a rich story. This is just a summery. I'm not going to be recreating all of the things I put into this summery so you have to use your imaginations in some parts. The map will include dungeons all over, but you have to find them. Some are custom as in the Dwarven ruins but not the caves. the caves will be naturally generated and will just have some loot in them. The lower and longer the cave is, the better the loot is going to be. No lighting in the cave for the challenge of mobs spawning and just conserving torches to light up the cave systems. Just don't get lost. Will include no mods and just vanilla mobs. No certain date it will be released but I will keep everyone updated. The map includes the whole province and some cites in the province. Easter eggs will be included. Books! many books will be added to give atmosphere and depth in the story and lore of the land. Quests will rely on books for now, updates later.

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2h 26min, nov 19, 1103 y
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