nov 15, 2101 - The Battle of Lodz


A massive turning point battle in the third and final War of the Poles, leading to a Pyrrhic victory for the Kingdom of Poland.

King Dobreslaw had led his numerically smaller army against a great Galicia-Lodomerian army; the two sides had their own strengths and weaknesses.
The Polish had grand artillery batteries and relatively modern rifles and weapons, while the Galicians had a massive army of levied troops, outnumbering the Poles by far.

The two armies went to battle on the 15th of November, 2101, and Dobreslaw led them into a trap. His artillery roared the entire battle, causing many a death. His troops stood atop a hill with Galicians trying to fight their way up.
Their ranged units, mostly archers and snipers, stayed behind the lines and near the base of the hill alongside their own King, King Fabin III.

As soon as the main bulk of the army was halfway up the hill, fighting with troops meant to distract them, hundreds of horsemen charged out of the treeline nearby.
They were lead by King Dobreslaw, who had donned the armor of Hussars of yore. His army had grand wings and great armor, with spears, pistols, and rifles. The majority of the Hussars ran down the entirety of the bowmen and riflemen at the base of the hill, many fleeing for their very lives only to be cut down by bloodlusting Hussars. Fabin's Army was surrounded, and began to freak out. Most of their troops were undisciplined peasantry, facing against a rigorous and disciplined army. Troops began to break lines and run, and soon Fabin had to start running with his own troops when the Hussars began to chew into the back of their army.

Both sides lost more than half of their army, but the Galicians had lost much more due to the Polish batteries.

King Dobreslaw would gain his nickname, "The Hussar", for this victory. Hussars would become a major staple of the Kingdom, and a very powerful troop.

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nov 15, 2101
~ 82 years later
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