mar 15, 27 BC - Beginning of the Roman Empire The Roman Senate names Caesar "Princeps", First Citizen of Rome


The proclamation by the Senate to name Gaius Julius Caesar "Princeps" officially marks the transformation of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire. Even so, the illusion of senatorial power and republicanism is maintained under the control of the Princeps.

Caesar decrees that the office of Princeps shall be an elected one, to dispel notions of monarchy and autocracy, and that it shall be the duty of the Senate to elect the Princeps. Once elected the Princeps may serve until death, or until a date of his choosing. Once a Princeps dies in office or chooses to step down, the Senate shall appoint his successor within a fortnight.

In addition, Caesar decrees that the Senate may remove the Princeps should he shirk his duties or otherwise prove to be a detriment to the Republic. If the Senate agrees to do so, the most senior member of the senate will introduce a motion of no confidence against the Princeps. To pass, two thirds of the Senate must vote in favor of the motion.

In addition to the title of Princeps, Caesar also receives the agnomen Augustus, an honorary title that will remain cohered with the title of Princeps for the remainder of the Empire.

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mar 15, 27 BC
~ 2047 years ago
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