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January 1 - India and Pakistan exchange lists of their nuclear facilities. Under the agreement, both countries are to refrain from attacking each other's nuclear facilities in the event of a war.
January 5 - IAEA finds evidence of secret nuclear experiments in Egypt that could be used in weapons programs.
January 5 - International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director General Mohamed ElBaradei announces that Iran has agreed to grant access to a military site that the U.S. links to a secret nuclear weapons program.
January 22 - North Korea announces it is a nuclear weapons state.
Febuary 4 - The Bahamas sign the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), bringing the total number of treaty Signatories to 175.
February 23 - Canada declines to participate with the U.S. ballistic missile defense program.
February 24 - President Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin plan to announce a package of measures today to counter the threat of nuclear terrorism.
February 28 - Iran, Russia sign nuclear fuel agreement that is key to bringing Tehran's first reactor online by mid-2006.
March 6 - Hans Bethe, Nobel Prize winner and former Head of the Theoretical Division during the Manhattan Project dies at the age of 98.
March 10 - Pakistan acknowledges that A.Q. Khan sold Iran high speed centrifuges for uranium separation.
April 4 - U.N. Committee approves Nuclear Terrorism Treaty.
April 13 - United Nations adopts the "International Convention on the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism". The goal of the convention is to stop clandestine networks from using or possessing nuclear weapons. It obligates governments to prosecute or extradite individuals who possess radioactive materials or nuclear devices or those who threaten others while possessing such materials.
May 10 - Iranian officials announce their intention to restart work at the Isfahan plant to enrich uranium, ending Iran's suspension of uranium-related projects that was agreed upon in Paris in November 2004.
May 11 - North Korea issues a statement saying 8,000 fuel rods have been extracted from its five-megawatt Yongbyon nuclear reactor after its shutdown on April 18, 2005.
June 9 - The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) announces that Iran's claim regarding the source of uranium contamination on its centrifuges appears correct. After the IAEA detected uranium traces on centrifuges in Iran in 2003, the Iranian government asserted that the contamination stemmed from earlier use in Pakistan.
June 11 - The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) verifies the freeze of uranium enrichment activities at Natanz, Iran. The Iranian government agreed to suspend its enrichment activities while engaged in negotiations with France, Germany, and Great Britain (EU-3).
July 29 - Russia announced the destruction of the final SS-18 Satan missile launcher.
July 31 - Iran resumes nuclear activities.
August 6 - India and Pakistan announce the establishment of an emergency nuclear hotline and notification of future missile tests.
August 16 - Russia stops use of rail-based missiles.
August 24 - Pakistan acknowledges that A.Q. Khan supplied North Korea with centrifuges and their designs.
September 19 - North Korea agrees to give up all nuclear weapons and existing nuclear programs and return to the Non-Proliferation Treaty.
September 23 - The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reports that there is no indication that nuclear material in Iraq is being diverted for undeclared activities, following a two-day inspection by agency officials.
October 3 - India and Pakistan sign an agreement for advanced notification of ballistic missile tests.
October 7 - The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and its head Mohamed ElBaradei win the Nobel Peace Prize.
October 7 - The last of more than 62,000 waste shipments departs Rocky Flats, Colorado, signaling the end of a massive ten-year cleanup effort at the former nuclear weapons facility.
November 16 - Iran starts converting new uranium batch.
November 18 - Iran admits having nuclear black market data.

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