June 15, 2024

14h 41min, sep 20, 2018 y - Third Unreplied Request for Update by Edmund Morris (58 days)


It has been 58 days since I submitted my appeal. I understand there might have been an exceptional number of cases submitted this year however I must remind your that the response should be within 30 days. Furthermore you indicated that your response would be on the week starting on the 10th of September, you have not provided a response in that time and haven't updated me at all since.

I am seeking advice with the Guild and must consider making a complaint unless I have some response as to the progress of my appeal. This delay leaves uncertainty about what I am even doing next week and both puts me under a lot of stress both financially and emotionally.

Kindest Regards, Edmund Morris

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14h 41min, sep 20, 2018 y
~ 5 years and 8 months ago