June 15, 2024

10h 1min, aug 23, 2018 y - Deadline Extention by Assesment Appeals


I am writing to provide an update on progress with consideration of your appeal. Whilst, ordinarily, we seek to provide a response within 30 days of receipt of an appeal, I am sorry to have to say that your case is going to take a little longer. This is in part because consideration of all appeals have had to be delayed exceptionally this summer as I was required to prioritise another unprecedented and particular complex issue and in part because the Faculty Student Experience Manager with whom I am required to consult is currently on leave. Although she will be back on 3rd September, I will be on leave from 3rd to 7th September so it is more probable that you will receive my response in the week commencing 10th September. I am sorry for the delay.

Yours sincerely
Sheila Jones

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10h 1min, aug 23, 2018 y
~ 5 years and 9 months ago