jun 15, 1804 - Twelfth Amendment Ratified


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The Twelfth Amendment to the Constitution revises the electoral college voting procedure by which the president and vice president is elected. Instead of voting from a list of people and choosing the top two as the president and vice president, as was the procedure laid out in the 1787 Constitution, the electoral college would cast two separate votes, one for a presidential candidate, the other for a vice presidential candidate.

The necessity for a revision to the election procedure came during the election of 1800 where T.J. and Aaron Burr, defeat the then president incumbent John Adams but are faced with a tie in the electoral votes. To resolve the matter the vote is given to the Federalist-controlled House who then break the tie by electing T.J. to the presidency and Burr to the vice presidency. To prevent such an embarrassing result from happening again, Congress decides to revise the electoral college voting procedure, which results in the addition of the Twelfth Amendment to the Constitution. On December 9th, 1803, Congress passes the Twelfth Amendment, and on June 15th of the following it is ratified. In 1992, with the addition of the Twentieth Amendment, a portion of the Twelfth Amendment is revised.

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jun 15, 1804
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