12h 48min, mar 17, 2021 y - 11 april Y22 JK


At last, my wish was granted. I purposely bumped into the thugs on the street and was beaten as much as I wanted to be. I kept smiling as I was beaten, and so they beat me up more, calling me crazy. I leaned against the shutter door and looked up at the sky. It was already night. There was nothing in the pitch black sky. A single clump of grass stood not far away. It was lying flat from the wind. It was just like me. I forced myself to laugh to stop the tears from falling.

Under my closed eyes, I saw my stepfather clearing his throat. My half-brother was chuckling. My stepfather’s relatives were either looking somewhere else or talking about useless stuff. They acted like I wasn’t there, like my existence was nothing. In front of them, my mother was flustered. She pushed herself from the floor, making a cloud of dust rise in the process and coughed. It hurt, like someone was cutting into the pit of my stomach with a knife. I climbed up to the rooftop of the construction site. The city at night was stretching with frightful colors. I climbed on top of the banister, spreading my arms out and walked. For a moment, my legs wobbled and I almost lost balance. Just one more step and I would die, I thought. But if I die, everything would be over. No one would be sad if I disappear.

i want to cry
but *time travel to jk's pov may 22* the end of this note is very similar to the end of jk's note may 22

other than that, im very confused about this note and the may 22 note. This is the description of what happened during INU. That means, this is the date when Jungkook had his accident.
However Jungkook had an out of body experience may 22
And jin only heard about Jk's accident june 13, so 2 months later

Maybe the fact that they don't talk to each other that much anymore might explain the 2 months gap.
Im REALLY not sure, this is a guess but maybe Jungkook was in the coma for a month? And then woke up may 22? [...]
(the following --- may 22)

Added to timeline:

2 months ago


12h 48min, mar 17, 2021 y
~ 2 years and 3 months later
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