jan 8, 2006 - UAVs permitted in US civilians.


A year after Hurricane Katrina, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration authorizes the use of UAV drones in civilian airspace for the first time, in order to search for survivors of disasters. The Predator drone of the time, equipped with an infrared camera, was capable of detecting human heat signatures from a height as far as 10,000 feet. This is an interesting use of predator drone, because it was finally used for good. From then on people where able to use these to play with and have it as a hobby. RC planes, helicopters, quad copters, etc... are now permitted to civilians. However, there needs to be rules regarding this, so, in February 2015, the Department of Transportation and the FAA released a proposed set of regulations that will pave the way for small UAV — those under 55 pounds — to enter the mainstream of U.S. civil aviation. The rule would allow routine use of small UAV in today's aviation system, and is flexible enough to accommodate future technological innovations. It also stated that these UAV would not interfere with manned aircraft. Also, if you were to fly a drone within 5 miles from an airport, you would need to report to the watch tower so that no casualties occur. This needs a liscense.

Benefits: Drones are now opened to people for good reasons, to help people. The drone was finally known for something other then murder, but actually saving peoples lives. Now the public will take on this new toy.

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jan 8, 2006
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