jun 25, 2020 - 25 june Y20 YG Bedroom Remembers the fire from 4yrs ago, carries piano key home and fights with father 10 days after expulsion HYYH


25 june Y20 (YG)
All of a sudden, I opened the door, went to the desk and took out a bag from the bottom drawer. I flipped the bag and shaked it, and a piano key fell out with a thud. I threw the half-burned key into the trash can and lied down on bed. My seething heart did not cool down, breathing a mess and fingers stained with soot.

There was one time I came back to the house, now a ruin because of the fire, after the funeral ended. I entered my mother’s room and saw the piano burned to the point of unrecognizable. I sank down next to it. As the afternoon light pierced through the window and died down, I just sat there. A few keys were rolling around amid the last rays of light. I wondered what sound they would make when I pressed down. I wondered how much mother’s fingers had touched them. I took one of them, put into my pocket and left the room.

4 years has passed since then. Our house was quiet. So quiet that I was going crazy. After 10 o'clock, my father would go to bed and everything must be done with bated breath afterwards. That was the rule of this house. It was hard for me to endure that silence. It was not easy to match the time and follow the rule, the formality either. But what I couldn’t endure even more was that, despite of it, I still continue to live in this house. Taking the pocket money my father gives, eating with my father, listening to his scoldings. Even though I talked back to him, went astray and caused trouble, I didn’t have to courage to leave him, leave this house and be alone, to really put that freedom into action and not just pure words.

All of a sudden, I sat up from the bed. I took out the key from the trash can under the desk. I opened the window, letting the air of the night harshly rush in. Everything happened today flooded in as it they were carried by the wind, slapping at my face. I threw the key into the air as hard as I could. It had been ten days since I last went to school. I heard they expelled me. Who knows, maybe now I would be kicked out of this house even if I don’t want to. I listened carefully but still couldn’t make out the sound of the key falling to the ground. No matter how much I wondered about, I will never be able to know what sound that key made. No matter how much time passes, that key will never be able to make any sound again. I will never play
the piano again.

Backstory about Yoongi's family, plus fire and why this element is always linked to him.
Was expelled from school.

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jun 25, 2020
~ 1 years and 6 months later
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