feb 24, 1973 - Cosmic Costing Pt 1




"...We have pointed out that the geologist Francois de Chardenedes wrote for me a scenario of the technology of nature's producing petroleum which disclosed that the amount of energy employed by nature as heat and pressure for the amount of time required to produce each gallon of petroleum, if paid for at the rate at which the public utilities now charge retail customers for electricity, must cost over a million dollars a gallon.


my grand strategy of Design Science in World Gaming is to have internal metabolics and external metabolics. And external metabolics are economics. And to make them in the terms of just a cow or just in terms of a coin or money is where we've gotten into confusion rather than bringing it on to what I call a "cosmic accounting" basis and the "cosmic accounting" really does deal in these energies. How much in producing oil at a great refinery, you take all kinds of energies that are going into heating, this fractionating column or whatever it may be. They figure the energies put in here and taken out there incredibly carefully. And that's the way the Universe works.

If the people then who are exploiting oil then really took the work that engineers do in designing refineries, I've been through this refinery design it is an extraordinary matter. The exquisite accuracy with which they know how much energy to take from this or that and turning that energy to the larger account where they're going to cash in on what they're making with it

Well, so economics, when they're energy economics, and motion economics, and Newtonian economics, I think that those are very essential to design science, and to you and I being useful to our fellow man to humanity.

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Bartram Barton


feb 24, 1973
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