jan 1, 365 - Colin Visits


Colin King, old friend of Anne and Raymond and future Dracon, visits the Murphy Arbor and tries to convince them to run away from the threats of the shadows with him. of course, he doesn't really mean it as he is just disguised as a water spirit and is actually a shadow spirit. He just wants Gwen in his custody because he knows she will one day help defeat him. he thinks that if he carries her away and eliminates her as a threat, he will be able to seize power without a problem. The Murphys refuse to follow him to "safety" and tell Colin to leave. Anne calls him a Dracon which is Russian for a dragon. that is where he gets his future name. on his way out, he finds Gwen hiding in a closet and studies her. he finds her small and assumes she will not be much of a threat after all. he tells her that he's looking forward to seeing her later, dropping a hint about the prophecy. He promises Gwen a present but tells her that she will have to wait a while to recieve it.
Gwen is 4 at the time.

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Aqua In the Shadows


jan 1, 365
~ 1655 years ago
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