jan 1, 77 - Naturalis Historia published between 77 AD and Pliny's death.


Pliny the Elder was known as a very knowledgeable individual who was a scholar and a military official. Pliny received formal education in law, military training, and literature among other subjects. Pliny may not have been considered a devout scientist, but he contributed to the scientific community by compiling what we now consider the first collection of encyclopedias. While not perfect by any means, Pliny laid the foundation for others to reference and learn about all kinds of facts, as he knew them anyway. Pliny comprised thirty seven books in the first ever encyclopedia collection and had began writing them only two years prior to his death. He named this collection Naturalis Historia, translating to Natural History. He had learned and grown an appreciation for the natural world and wanted to share that knowledge as well. He wrote on many topics of the natural world around him, including geology, botany, astronomy; the list goes on and on. He did not try to insert his own beliefs or opinions into his works, he simply recorded all that he had become aware of in the world. His works were criticized many years later over the organization of the material and some of the errors in it, but the credit of compiling the first set of encyclopedias is exceedingly respectable.

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Photo: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pliny_the_Elder

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jan 1, 77
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