jan 1, 1855 - John Snow Cholera



Snow was a popular and respected doctor and surgeon in London who observed the cholera epidemic in 1848-49 and came up with the theory that cholera is spread by contaminated water: not miasma.

When cholera broke out in his neighbourhood, snow mapped the homes of all the people who died. He found two things:
1. All the deaths were of people using the 'Broad Street' water pump.
2. The brewery workers did not fall ill
He removed the handle from the water pump and the amount of deaths fell dramatically. It was later discovered that a cesspit was leaking into the water supply.

In the short term:
- Many Cholera deaths in Soho were prevented by removing the Broad street pump.
- People did not believe Snows theory because he had no proof. Snow recommended a new sewer system to be built in London but the government ignored him.

In the long term:
- Snows suggestion along with other evidence (The Great Stink) lead to the building of a London sewer system in 1875.
- Snows work helped make the link between dirty water and disease which lead to the Public Health Act of 1875 when all cities were forced to provide clean water.

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jan 1, 1855
~ 164 years ago
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