mar 8, 2029 - 2029 (Revised Timeline)


After informing his members about what he witnessed, they grew very concerned about their future and the fact that the mutants are near their end. One of the X-men proposed they could go to the past and stop the existence of the substance used to harm mutants. Logan exclaims that altering history to prevent the mutants demise won't work and that mutants weren't meant to survive as long as the human species. There was no stopping the decline in mutants. Cyclops one of the members of the X-men stated that the anti-mutant serum was destined to be produced and changing the past will only halt the production. "We can't change the inevitable," He said. "As bad as it may sound, our time is coming to an end, and all we can do now is wait." "No, we HAVE to fight," Colossus, another member of the group said. "We can't just stand here waiting for our demise!" "We have to do something, even if it involves sacrifice. After all, we are superheroes and this is what we do." Logan was hesitant about going against a powerful corporation, but he later states "He's right, we are heroes, we fight for the greater good." "This is our last stand, to save the mutant population. Their fate lies in our hands and together, we'll do everything we can do damage the corporation. As hard as it may look, we will fight together, united." (age 191)

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3 Nov 2017
Custom version of the Xmen timeline
A custom version of the x-men timeline (not meant to be cano...


mar 8, 2029
~ 10 years later
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