jan 1, 1966 - "Dear Uncle Sam" - Loretta Lynn (Matt Dadet)


American Artist Loretta Lynn authored and sung Dear Uncle Sam back in 1966 in the middle of the Vietnam war, where she gives us the perspective of a woman who has lost her husband in the fight. At a time where support for the war was at a low level, one of the most important stanzas of her song states “You said you really need him but you don't need him like I do, Don't misunderstand I know he's fighting for our land, I really love my country but I also love my man”, where Lynn explains that she is unable to pick sides; she wants her husband to not go to war but she is also patriotic and wants her country to win. In an interview with Citizen Times in 2004, Lynn said she was sad to sing it because the male character dies at the end of the song but acknowledge that the song is a favorite amongst her fanbase. The song is a country song and has a slow tempo and and is written on a AABA form. The song was the first to talk about the Vietnam war and led the way for other songs.
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jan 1, 1966
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