jan 18, 1965 - "Eve of Destruction" - Barry McGuire (Annalesa Maggio)


Barry McGuire’s Eve of Destruction is written in contrasting verse chorus, which means that it contains a chorus separated by verses, and the music played during the verses and chorus is different. The verses are not repeated, but there is a rhyming scheme at the end of each verse. Although the words are not the same, the verses sound similar because Gary McGuire sings the verses with the same timbre and with an emphasis on the rhyming word. Eve of Destruction is written with four beats to the bar, which is easy to recognize if you tap your hand along to the beat. The beginning of each four count is emphasized with the beginning of a new line of the song, or after Gary McGuire takes a breath. There is a crescendo that leads from the verses of Eve of Destruction into the chorus, which is powerful because it builds suspense for McGuire’s daunting message about how much damage the war is going to cause. There is a thin texture during the verses, where the timbres of instruments are clean and peaceful and McGuire’s voice takes on a clear timbre. This timbral structure is ironic because McGuire is singing hate-filled, anti-government, protest lyrics. During the chorus, the instruments become more intensely loud, making for a thicker texture, and the timbre of McGuire’s voice becomes more raspy and harsh. McGuire’s vocal timbre during the chorus is representative of the disgust that was burning in the hearts of his audience when this song was released.

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jan 18, 1965
~ 53 years ago
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