jul 15, 1193 BC - Tlatilco Female Figurine


1500-1200 BCE
Ceramic with pigment
Tlatilco (Valley of Mexico)
Period: Prehistoric
Artist: Unknown
N/D: Tlatilco Female Figurine/1500-1200 BCE
Form: They often had wide hips, spherical upper thighs, and pinched waist. Artists had no interest in the hands or feet but the hairstyles were treated with great care and detail. This example shows two connected heads while there are no known reason, some argue that it is to express an idea of duality. The body were depicted in a specific proportion that, while non-naturalistic, was striking and effective. (Most figures are less than 15 cm high). female form, elaborate hair, ornamental bodies, accentuated femininity. Bifacial. Short arms. Ballooning thighs w/ pronounced hips, tiny waist
Content: Small ceramic figures, often of women, 2 headed female with wide hips and pinched waist. deformities (2-headed females). Could be Siamese twins or stillborns. Bifacial could show birth defects. Naked with jewelry
Function: Brick makers mining clay in the area found graves. They sold the objects that came out of these graves to collectors. Later archaeologists were also able to dig up graves and find them because the most popular object by the graves were ceramic figurines. Shamanistic
Context: Male figures were rare, but when they did the males were often wearing costumes/masks. Male figures were more valued for their ritual roles as priests or other religious specialists. Tlatilco were made exclusively by hand, without molds.

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jul 15, 1193 BC
~ 3214 years ago


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