April 1, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Premium subscription
What happens when my Premium subscription ends?
You simple can't edit the timeline. All files, media will remain accessible although no further multimedia files may be added.
Use in education
Discounts for educational institutions
More details here
Discounts for educators
More details here
Discounts for students/pupils
More details here
General questions
How to create private timelines?
Private timelines which only creator can see is a Premium feature. Please upgrade your account to Premium.
How to use groups of events?
You can create a group, click anywhere in the editor and choose "Grouping" and then choose events you want to add. There is no possibility to move groups manually yet, we’re working on this!
How to use Duplicate feature?
If you upgraded to Premium, you can copy your timeline using Duplicate button on timeline page. The new timeline will have the same permissions as original one.
How to delete timeline?
It’s possible to permanently delete your timeline. Please open My Timelines, click Preferences icon and then Trash.
How to rename timeline?
When you click Settings button after saving timeline, you can rename your timeline.
How to delete timelines if I’d like to delete account? / Data deletion instructions
You can permanently delete your account with all of your timelines. Open Account settings on the right top side and choose Delete account.
How to change background?
You can change background (cover) by clicking camera icon in the header of the timeline editor. Then please upload the file or paste the link to the new cover.
How to download the timeline?
You can download your timeline by clicking Download button on its page. Open your timeline from My Timelines page and choose download option.
How can I remove watermark?
To download timelines without watermark, please upgrade to Premium.
Is it possible to upload multiple media to events?
Yes, you can upload as many as you like.
How to export timeline with its background?
Add a custom cover in Editor mode. On the left side click on any export format and download your timeline with the background.
My timeline disappeared. How to get it back?
Please make sure you are logged-in to the same account you used for the timeline you are trying to open. If you can see other timelines, please check if it’s renamed. Otherwise please raise a request to [email protected].
How to change the order of the events?
If you want to change order of events or group them please click anywhere nearby of these events and choose Grouping.
How to add some external charts?
Please choose one of available graphs and add its parameters in preferences on the right.
How to embed timelines into my website or blog?
Please click Embed button on the timeline page, copy the code and paste it to your website.
How to import data from Google Calendar?
Please follow this video tutorial.
I can’t login through Facebook
Please make sure you allowed TimeGraphics to use your general account data. If it doesn’t work out, please report the error to [email protected].
I didn’t receive registration confirmation email
Please make sure you have an access to the email you used for account on TimeGraphics. Hover over on Account icon and choose Confirm email.
If there is still no email in 48h, please raise a request to [email protected] or Facebook.
I can’t restore my password
Please raise a request to [email protected] if you didn’t receive password change link.
I found a mistype or bug
Thank you! Please report it to [email protected]
Payments questions
How to pay if I don't have a PayPal account?
Please try here. It's a donation. No need to have a paypal account. After donate, please let us know.
Is the tool free?
Yes, public timelines are free. We have some limits for Free accounts but also we have some options to get Free Premium and unlock limits. To be able to create private timelines or provide access to your timelines by link you should upgrade to Premium.
Does the Time.Graphics offer educational pricing?
Yes! We offer discounts on our webapp to the staff, faculty, and students of accredited educational organizations. Please raise a request to [email protected]
Is there any functional difference between a regular and educational license?
The only difference between these two types of licenses is the cost! An educational license to our application provides you with all the same great features that you’d have access to with a regular license.
How to avoid trial pop-up?
You can push Esc button or make your timeline available for public.
Will you charge me again when Premium terminates?
How to make 2-years payment?
Please raise a request to [email protected]
Will timeline disappear after Premium?
Nothing will disappear! You’ll have an access to all of your timelines. However, it’s possible to edit Private timelines only with Premium.
Payment issues
I made a payment. When will my premium subscription start?
We apply Premium automatically, however in some cases you should re-login. If your account is not upgraded within 24h, please raise a request to [email protected] or via feedback.
I made a payment by mistake. Can I get my money back?
Yes, we can make a refund in case you did double payment. Please raise a request to [email protected] for any payment support questions.
Can I pay by another option besides PayPal?
Yes. You can send us ctypto
Please choose one of the following crypto methods
BEP2: bnb136ns6lfw4zs5hg4n85vdthaad7hq5m4gtkgf23 MEMO: 100047855
BEP20 (BSC) 0x3fd8e690e6e2d9eeb8cc2a05d0365e519c5961cc
BEP2: bnb136ns6lfw4zs5hg4n85vdthaad7hq5m4gtkgf23 MEMO 100047855
BEP20 (BSC): 0x3fd8e690e6e2d9eeb8cc2a05d0365e519c5961cc
BEP2: bnb136ns6lfw4zs5hg4n85vdthaad7hq5m4gtkgf23 MEMO 100047855
BEP20 (BSC): 0x3fd8e690e6e2d9eeb8cc2a05d0365e519c5961cc
ERC20: 0x3fd8e690e6e2d9eeb8cc2a05d0365e519c5961cc
BEP2: Адрес bnb136ns6lfw4zs5hg4n85vdthaad7hq5m4gtkgf23 MEMO 100047855
BEP20 (BSC): 0x3fd8e690e6e2d9eeb8cc2a05d0365e519c5961cc
ERC20: 0x3fd8e690e6e2d9eeb8cc2a05d0365e519c5961cc
Can Timegraphics provide payment invoice?
Yes, we can, but only if you purchase 1 year Premium Plan. Please raise a request to [email protected]
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