May 31, 2021

Battle of the Alamo (23 feb 1836 anni – 6 marzo 1836 anni)


Day 1 Santa Anna and 15 hundred men come into San Antonio. Everyones to the Alamo. Santa Anna asks for surrender Texans fire back! San Antonio is the key city of the State.Santa Anna send half his troops to Goliad and the other with him to San Antonio.v
Day 2 James Bowie becomes very ill. Bowie married Maria Ursula de Veramendi. She was one of the richest people in Texas. Bowie was incharge of the volunteers. Travis takes command. Travis sends the Victory or Death letter for help.
Day 3 Three hundred Mexican soldier gain guard to three huts.The Texans seek out and burn the huts.Travis send Juan Seguin to deliver another cry for help. Three hundred men march to the aid of the Alamo.
Day 4 James Fanin begins his march to San Antonio.But they never arrived.
Day 5 Mexicans cut off the water supply to the Alamo.People head to ranches get supplies.A mexican general writes to Santa Anna(Who is getting reinforcements) about what is happening at the alamo.
Day 6 No Texans have died.David Crocket was welcomed by the Texans.Crockett made the menn happy for defending the Alamo. Crocket played his fiddle to cheer the men on.
Day 7 Santa Anna sends troops to get rid of Texans reinforcements. Santa Anna and David Crocket had a truce to allow families to get out of the Alamo.
Day 8 A cold front arrives. 32 volunteers from Gonzales arrive.
Day 9 Texas declared independence from Mexico. Travis writes a letter to the government to declare independence.
Day 10 James Bonham returns(Travis cousin) giving news that help was on the way. Travis writes his last letters one to his friend taking care of his son, and the other to the president of the convention on the Brazos. The mexican army aroused in number when eleven hundred men marched into town. The mexican soldiers were now twenty five hundred. Meaning Texans were out numbered more than ten to one.
Day 11 Santa Anna got his group together to talk. The mexican army was a profonal army.
Day 12 Santa Anna decided to fight tomorrow morning at 4 am. Travis drew a line saying if you were to stay and fight then to cross that line. Only one man didn’t.
Day 13 Santa Anna’s men attack. Texans fight the first wave attack well. Travis is killed fast shot in the head.The Texans start to losses and get stuck inside the alamo. James Bowie is killed in bed.The battle last 90 minutes.

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24 nov 2019
Texas Revolution


23 feb 1836 anni
6 marzo 1836 anni
~ 12 days


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