23 nov 1909 año - Success


November 23, 1909.
Clara gets yelled at all the time, beaten up, fired from the jobs that she needs for her and her family. bruised, jailed and hospitalized. Clara's dream for going to school and becoming a doctor is given up. She gives it up to fight for better working conditions and better rights for women. Yet, through all of that hard work and suffering Clara never gives up. She keeps fighting for what is right. Clara needs to do what she is striving to do. November 23, 1909. Clara is ready to go on strike once and for all. The women see them. They flood out of the shops on to the streets. Tens of thousands of them are there. Pauline and Clara and amazed that is happening. It was more than they dreamed. Pauline said, "This is not a strike--its and uprising!" Which was true. From the start to the finish her father has expected her to be a good daughter and to be obidient. She has never. BUt she has been talk to give without getting back for the suffering of other women. For Clara, it is a success.

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23 nov 1909 año
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