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One of the first handheld consoles, the Game Boy reception was quite poor on released but paved the way for Nintendo's hold on the handheld market. The Game Boy had 4 buttons and a D-Pad (directional pad). The four button consist of "A", "B", "SELECT" and "START". "START" and "SELECT" are used mostly for menu system and D-Pad, "A" and "B" are used for the player to interact with the game. At the top of the device there is a slot to put games into, the games are stored on cartridges. The console also has a built in speaker with a dial on the side of the console to control the volume of the speakers and a similar dial on the other side to control contrast. The on and off button is a slider. the Game Boy has a monochromatic screen. notable releases on the console was Tetris, Super Mario Land, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening and the start of the Pokémon game series with Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue. most of these game (all but one) was exclusive to the Nintendo console so people will have to buy one to play the games as it was not released on any other platform at the time. Being released in 1989 and discounted 14 years later in 2003 there's no surprise that the console has many Peripherals. I will be stating the name of these and what they allow the player to do. Pocket Sonar allowed the user too locate fish up to 65 feet underwater using sonar and also contained a fishing mini-game. The Peripheral was released in 1998 in japan only.
The Game Boy camera and printer were accessories for the Gameboy system and most of the Gameboy family of console can utilize these accessories. The Game Boy Camera is a cartridge with a camera on the top and is inserted into the cartridge slot of the Game Boy. The camera is capable of taking basic photo. however, the images are often a grainy black and white because of the systems monochromatic screen. The printer has to be plugged into the Game Boy via Game Link Cable the printer uses a heat-sensitive paper to burns saved images making a hard copy. Game Link Cable lets the user connect two devices in the Game Boy line of consoles allowing for multiplayer. In the Pokémon games it allows players to trade Pokémon between linked consoles. The four player adapter is self explanatory and allows 4 people to play a game together on the original Game Boy. The Game Boy battery pack is a rechargeable battery pack that can be plugged into the console to expand battery life for long distance travel. Handy Boy the "all in one accessory" for the Game Boy the device has two amplified external speakers, square magnifier which has simple light, to illuminate the screen and has a joystick that can be clipped on the Game Boy without the other componates.

(Images contain photos of each peripherals in the order that I've mentioned them).

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21 abr 1989 año
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