April 1, 2024

15 sept 1814 año - Battle at Fort McHenry


The battle at Fort McHenry was also fought in the Chesapeake bay and this was also a very large turning point in the war. At the battle of Fort McHenry, American soldiers showed their own resilience in fighting off British Bombardments, forcing them to move to New Orleans. The following is a large success in the war and this ultimately comes into play with the writing of "The Star Spangled Banner" by Francis Scott Key. When Francis Scott Key was watching this battle from the ocean, he always saw the star spangled banner flying high and expected the British to put their own flag on it, but instead the American fought hard and kept their flag standing. The poem is based off of this battle and currently today it was formulated into our own national anthem.

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15 sept 1814 año
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