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2 h 58 m, 14 fev 2003 ano - When the Partial-Birth abortion Ban Act was introduced to the House of Represenatives


-Name of congressmen who introduced this legislation to the House of Representatives? Background on this person. Who are they, What state are they from? Why do you think they proposed this law?
The law was introduced by Rick Santorum.He was born May 10th 1958 and he was born in Winchester Virginia. and he is an american attorney author political and a politician. he is a member of the republican party. He served as a united states senator from Pennsylvania from 1995 to 2007 and was senates third-rating republican.

Why was this law made? What was it supposed to do?
they made this for like if someone had killed a pregnant person would they be changed for not only harming 1 person but harming 2 people. The law is suppose to determine how long someone will suffer for what they did.

What committee considered it?
the committee that considered it is the joint conference committee

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2 h 58 m, 14 fev 2003 ano
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