Import from Google Spreadsheet

1 Make a timeline
Go to editor and click on "Import from Google Spreadsheet" at events carousel
2 Create your spreadsheet
Make a copy of template
Drop dates, text and links to media into the appropriate columns. Fill your data.
3 Get shareable link
Get shareable link
Copy link
URL should look something like this:
Paste URL into the box and click OK. That's all. All your event will be import to timeline. Now you can edit it.

Reporting APIs

1 Understanding
You have a website or some webserver and you want to visualize information from database.
"Registered users per day grouped by gender or age", "CPU usage", etc.. Yes, anything!
Go to editor and click on "Reporting APIs" at events carousel.
2 URL Access
Create a simple access
Response type
JSON Format
JSON object: "DATE" : "VALUE". Date format: "year month day hour min". If the date is BC, the year is written with a '-' sign. Value is double.

URL Examples
Response example "World population (total)"
    "-3699 7 11" : 10000,
    "1950" : 2000000000,
    "1985 3 22 14" : 4000000000,
    "2000 4" : 5000000000,
    "2010 3 2 23 59" : 6000000000,
    "2017" : 6500000000,
    "2020 1 31" : 8000000000
MySQL query example
Number of registered users by day
3 Finish
That's all
Paste URL into the box, type name of your report and click Create.