October 31, 2023
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GAIA Cosmic Disclosure Timeline

This timeline is based on popular GAIA Cosmic Disclosure episodes and contributed by the followers and supporters of the series.

As one of the watchers of the Cosmic Disclosure series, I was struggling with catching up with the timeline and hundreds of episodes and events that where brought by Corey, David and other guests of the program. So I have decided to build up a Timeline with all significant events from the program and probably add some of the historical events to bring some more parallels.

Please help me to complete this historical timeline in the best accurate way.

This resource is based on the materials of the following sources:
A été creé  Stan  ⟶ mise à jour avec succès 8 mars 2022 ⟶ List of edits
Andreas Alfredsson
Listing when notable guests first appeared would also be helpful. Off the top of my head I can remember:

Emery Smith
William Tompkins
Pete Peterson
David Adair
Sergeant Clifford Stone
Mark MaCandlish
John Lear
Micheal Salla
Micheal Tellinger
Bob Wood
Jay Weidner

There was one other really really good female guest that I just cant remember the name of. Remember that she made me cry in her testimony. Hmm...

Later after David and Corey left:

Randy Cramer
13 sept. 2019
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