September 30, 2021

1 janv. 200 - Dibao in China


The Chinese “Dibao” is the earliest and oldest newspaper in the world. During West Han time, Han government carried out the “Jun xian zhi” 郡县制, the eparch and county system which is helpful in concentrating the central power. The country was divided into many eparches and counties but governed by the central government as a whole. Every eparch sets up its office in the capital Chang’an, which has the same function as the provincial office in today Beijing. These offices were called “Di”s. “Di” Officers are selected by the eparchial government. Their responsibilities included collecting the messages announced by the administrative agents or even the empire, then writing them on the bamboo placard or the damask, and deliver them to their shire leaders via the early post station for reading. So these placards or damasks with information were called “Dibao”s

Interaction: Generation Z students didn't really get the chance to interact with this type of newspaper as it was made during the second century BC, at least 100 years earlier than the daily record. We havent had the chance to witness a Dibao as to the reason that we were born in the 21st century and had only interacted with the 21st century type of newspaper.

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13 déc. 2019
Pre Industrial Age


1 janv. 200
~ Il y a 1823 ans

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